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Answers sa TLE January 4, 2009

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-thanks to euka

p.s. as always, REPHRASE.


Filipino Output 3.1: Bahay Kubo November 21, 2008

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Pangalan:                                                                  Iskor:
Awtput Blg. 3.1                                                         Petsa:
Layunin: Nakapagsusuri sa napanuod na pelikula.

Suri ng Pelikula

I. Panimula
1-2 talataan na may 3-5 pangungusap.
Bagsasaad sa maikling paglalarawan sa napanuod na pelikula.

II. Mga Tauhan
A. Pangunahing Tauhan

  • Eden (Maricel Soriano) – Isang mabuting babae, anak, kaibigan at ina na madalas mapag-iwanan ng mga sanggol.

B. Karagdagang Tauhan

III. Buod

IV. Pagsusuri (patalata)
A. Anong uri ng pelikula? Nagustuhan mo ba ito? Bakit?
B. Ano ang tema? Bakit ito pinamagatang bahaykubo? Ano ang kaugnayan ng pamagat sa mga kaganapan ng pelikula?
C. Sino ang naibigan mong karakter? Bakit?
D. Sino ang kinaiinisan mong karakter? Bakit?
E. Anong pahayag ang lubos na nakahatak o nakakuha sa iyong atensyon? Bakit?

V. Pananaw

VI. Puna

  • Sa mga nagsipagganap, sound effect, cinematograpiya
  • Maituturing mo bang isang mahusay na pelikula ang iyong napanuod?

VII. Aral

  • Anong aral ang iyong natutunan sa pelikula?

english: drawing book thing November 8, 2008

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  1. Collect newspaper and magazine articles about situations which describe and involve the evils of delaying justice
  2. Mount them in a short size drawing book
  3. Explain how the situations greatly affect the lives of people
  4. Follow the following format:
    2. Introduction
    3. Collection of articles
    4. Explanation: how these situations greatly affect the lives of people

Activity 17 nq sa VB October 19, 2008

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click nyu lang yung smiley


rappels pour le 14 octobre 2008 October 13, 2008

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MAPEH-Quiz bowl part two.

English-Test. Debate and Figures of Speech, either both or just one of those. go fig.

Filipino-story. 10 paragraphs minimum, 5-7 sents, based on feminism theory, and also on the story, “Si Kesa at si Morito”. Be creative daw. Presentations pud nn.u on “Aanhin Nino Yan?”.

AP– worksheet 2.5. details are vague. hope this post reminds you enough to remember the details. if you do, please ko post dri, via comment. or just spread the love thru ym. XD. Additional pud d.ay, in.u projects, a.k.a. business proposal. Polish your sales pitch people.

Research-notes nin.u. Complete it na.

Chem-notes nin.u pud. then go to a church, kneel and walk toward the altar. then go home, massage your aching kneecaps and hope for the best. perio grades. haha. XD.

-TJ.C a.k.a. regchard


Physics seatwork (updated na) September 11, 2008

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Thanks to Royce!


Physics Seatwork (september 11, 2008)

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Thanks to Royce. 😀

PS: Post daw mu sa ans ana c royce 😀


TLE September 10, 2008

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Thanks to Marvie!


Reminders for September 10 September 9, 2008

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Physics – 3) A phonograph record 12 inches in diameter rotates 33 1/3 times per minute. a.) What is the linear speed of a point on it rim? b.) What is the centripetal acceleration of a point on its rim. 4) What is the centripetal force needed to keep a 3.0 kg mass moving in a circle of radius 0.50 m at a speed of 8.0 m/s.

Math – (thanks to Thomas and Fiona)
5. An observation post along a shoreline is 225 meters above sea level. If the angle of depression from this post to a ship at sea is 22.5 degrees, how far is the ship from the shore?
6. Suppose that a kite string forms a 45 degree angle with the ground when 740 cm of string are out. What is the altitude of the kite? (Assume that the string forms a straight line)

Chemistry – materials for the experiment

Research – (Thanks Marvie) On a 1/4 sheet of paper, write the following in 4 columns: subject, grade, unit, weighted average. The units for each subject are (according to the correspondence notebook, except physics): Fil 1, Eng 1.5, Physics 2, Chem 1.2, Math 1.5, AP 1.0, TLE 1.5, MAPEH1.5, Values .3, Research 1.5

Filipino – resume (tagalog, short bond, typewritten), 2×2 pic, classified ad cut-out

English – (Thanks to Marvie) Cut out pictures showing ways on how to serve or care for others and mount them on a short bond paper forming a figure which is in line with service. Below it is a self-composed striking caption that will eventually move the reader to act.

Values – butterfly wings using long folder


Physics experiments August 25, 2008

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Thanks kaayo Richard. hehe.

Basta ingani, you know what to do. Rephrase, rephrase, rephrase. 😉