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About June 21, 2008

This site serves as a reminder of homeworks, projects, events, fees and other stuff vital to a CCNSHS Senior’s survival. Additional information (e.g. given & answers) will be provided when available. Fellow Seniors are encouraged to contribute by emailing

– Seniors batch ’08-’09

p.s. To access the answers section, ask for the password from said e-mail.


12 Responses to “About”

  1. michael avelino Says:

    hehehe nice

  2. -=+=- Says:


  3. bLiTzZarD (Galileo) Says:

    this is chui guys…
    mas nndt pa f dghan mu contri..
    thnks for havin this site..

  4. roycemascute^^ Says:

    yehey.. nabanhaw njd ang seniors.. hehe.. naa namu answers sa prob set? for july 7 hap.. hehe.. peace

  5. lala Says:

    haha..ka chuie sa mga kigwa dah…
    wat a united batch..the more we”cheat together?”haha..joke..
    d woie…buotan bya ta..sharing is loving..wahehe

  6. EmKaey Alehjhurr Says:

    Bai, sooo chuie ani uie!!! Hephep hooray!!! daghan ta mu.contri!!!

  7. mrs. joe jonas Says:

    so chuie bai…

  8. royce Says:

    sayanga.. wala na’y update..

  9. royce Says:

    weeee.. updated na balik.. tnx sa person concerned.. hahaha

  10. dementedpsycho Says:

    wla pai answers ang latest na seatwork..

  11. royce Says:

    ei, kinsa mka post sa assignment sa TLE? tnx

  12. dementedpsycho Says:

    pwedi ninyu ang mga homeworks due this jan. 5? please. i want to finish all my homeworks before the schooldays will start.

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