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p6 seatwork [katung daghan] October 20, 2008

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2. Find the momentum of a giraffe galloping at 20km/h whose KE is 6.0 kJ.

5. Car A has a mass of 1000kg and is moving at 60km/h. Car B has a mass of 2000kg and is moving at 30km/h. Compare the Kinetic Energies of the 2 cars.

6. A 1000kg car strikes a tree at 30km/h and comes to a stop in 0.15s. Find its initial momentum and the average force on the car while it is being stopped.

9. A 4.0kg seagull flies at 15m/s into the windshield of an airplane flying in the opposite direction at 180m/s. if the impact lasts 1.0ms, find the average force on the windshield.

13. A hunter has a rifle that can fire 60g bullets with a speed of 700m/s. A 40kg leopard springs at him at 10m/s. How many bullets must the hunter fire in order to stop him in his tracks?

15. A 50kg girl throws a 5.0kg pumpkin at 10m/s to a 50kg boy who catches it. If both are on a frictionless frozen lake, how fast does each of them move backward?

18. A spacecraft moving at 10km/s breaks apart into two pieces of equal mass that continue moving in the original direction. If the speed of one of the pieces is 4.0km/s, what is the speed of 1.0m/s?

29. A 3.0g bullet moving at 4.0km/s strikes an 8.0kg wooden block resting on a frictionless table. The bullet passes through the block and comes out with a speed of 0.20km/s. What is the speed of the block?

35. The 176g head of a gold club is moving at 45m/s when it strikes a 46g golf ball and sends it off at 65m/s. Find the final speed of the club head after the impact, assuming that the mass of the clubs’ shaft can be neglected

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kung naay sayop bah.. palihug lang nya kog pa edit.. katugon nako pagsuwat ani..


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