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MAPEH worksheets October 20, 2008

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1. What is an art song?
2. Who are the composers of art songs? Compare their styles in composing such music.
3. Discuss the difference of etude from nocturne and prelude.
4. Make a list of contributions in music history and industry of the following composers:
a. Frederic Francois Chopin
b. Franz Joseph Liszt
c. Richard Strauss
d. Felix Mendelsshon
e. Hector Berlioz
5. Explain the four main forms of orchestra program music. How do these forms differ from each other?
6. Describe Symphonie fantastique. What are its 5 movements?
7. How nationalism in music flourished in Europe and in the Philippines?
8. What are the components of an opera? Explain each.

1. Define the following:
a. media
b. techniques
c. process
2. What are the 2 major groups of art form? Differentiate each.
3. What are examples of media in easel painting? Describe each.
4. Enumerate and discuss painting techniques.
5. What are different sculptural techniques? Describe each.
6. What are the elements of art? How these were used by the artists in his artworks?
7. Describe how painters on the 20th century painted. Why do you think they painted in that manner?

1. If you are going to marry, what will drive you to enter into this relationship? List your reasons to the order of preference.
2. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. How will you acquire a happy marriage?
3. When you are already at the right age to get married and start your own family, how many children do you want to have? Why?
4. What’s family planning? Why is there a need to plan the size at one’s family?
5. What are the different family planning methods? Explain each.
6. If you were to choose, which family method you want to apply? Why?
7. What’s the role of education with regards to pop awareness? Explain your answer.

1. What is recreation?
2. What are the different classifications of recreational activities? What are the recreational games? What are the characteristics of recreation?
3. Why do you need to recreate? Are their values in leisure and recreation?
4. What are the scopes of recreation? Give example.
5. List down 5 recreational activities you like to indulge with. Give your reason.

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