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P6 questions October 18, 2008

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requested ni carlae..

Conceptual Questions
-Topics: Gravity, Energy, Circular Motion, Momentum

1. What is a blackhole? ((diba bar mana?))
2. Why are there tides?
3. why does the moon always show us the same face?
4. Why does halleys comet return every 76 years?
5. why is it easier to bycicle a mile than to run it?
6. cloth burns very easily and quickly. So why is it that a candle burns so slowly and last for so long?
7. Why is it not a good idea to hold a rifle in front of you when you fire it? ((kay masunod nya ka))
8. Why are starting positions on a racetrack staggered? ((kay mas dako ug distance ang outer dapit sa racetrack kaysa inner..)) (at last tarong na answer)
9. Why is the water in Southern California beaches colder than at northeastern states beaches even though it is located further south?? ((kay mas HOT ang chix sa northeastern states beaches))hehehe
10. Why are curved roadways banked?


-ivan o.O


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  1. trisha Says:

    gwapa ko

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