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rappels pour le 14 octobre 2008 October 13, 2008

Filed under: Homeworks — seniorsass @ 9:21 pm

MAPEH-Quiz bowl part two.

English-Test. Debate and Figures of Speech, either both or just one of those. go fig.

Filipino-story. 10 paragraphs minimum, 5-7 sents, based on feminism theory, and also on the story, “Si Kesa at si Morito”. Be creative daw. Presentations pud nn.u on “Aanhin Nino Yan?”.

AP– worksheet 2.5. details are vague. hope this post reminds you enough to remember the details. if you do, please ko post dri, via comment. or just spread the love thru ym. XD. Additional pud d.ay, in.u projects, a.k.a. business proposal. Polish your sales pitch people.

Research-notes nin.u. Complete it na.

Chem-notes nin.u pud. then go to a church, kneel and walk toward the altar. then go home, massage your aching kneecaps and hope for the best. perio grades. haha. XD.

-TJ.C a.k.a. regchard


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