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p6 kuan.. uhmm.. aw o.. ProbLem set..:D October 5, 2008

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27) Find the speed of a 2.0g insect whose kinetic energy is 0.010J
30) A raindrop of mass 1.0mg falls at 3.0m/s when there is no wind. Find its KE when a wind of 5.0m/s is blowing.
33) A 2.0kg ball is at rest when horizontal force of 5.0N is applied. In the absence of friction, what is the speed of the ball after it has gone 10m?
37) What is the power output of a 1200kg car that can go from 25km/h to 100km/h is 12s? Neglect air resistance and rolling friction.
39) A ball is dropped from a height of 100m. Find its kinetic and potential energies when it is 50m from the ground.
43) A ball is dropped from a height of 1.0m and loses 10% of its kinetic energy when it bounces on the ground. To what height does it rise?
45) A waterfall is 30.0m high, and 1.00 x 10 kg of water flows over it per second.
(a) How much power does this flow represent?
(b) If all this power could be converted to electricity, how many 100W light bulbs could be supplied?

-ivan o.O


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