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Movie REv sa wall e(edited and updated na) September 21, 2008

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  1. Write a summary of the story. Use at least 100 words.

  1. Answer the following questions thoroughly

1.Describe what had happened to earth in the story? Is this a realistic future? Cite three points to support your answer.

2. Write 2 adjectives that would describe each of the institutions and character below. Support each description by taking two instances that happened in the story.

a. Buy and Large company

b. Government

c. Wall-e

d. Capt McCrea

e. human beings in the shuttle

3. Based on the film, describe the impact of robots to society.

4. Cite at least 2 ethical issues that may arise in employing robots in the society.

5. In at most 2 sentences, write the message that the film conveys.

C. Reflections

What reflections have come upon you after watching the film?

D. Poster Making. On a bondpaper, make a poster that would depict campaigns on preserving the Earth…

E. Good and Bad Scenes. Write at least 3 bad scenes and 3 good scenes. Bad scenes are those that do not agree or contrary to science concepts and principles.

Example: When an explosion happens in space, sound shouldn’t be produced because there is no medium for sound to travel. The good scenes are those that agree science concepts and principles.

-ivan o.O


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