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Reminders for September 10 September 9, 2008

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Physics – 3) A phonograph record 12 inches in diameter rotates 33 1/3 times per minute. a.) What is the linear speed of a point on it rim? b.) What is the centripetal acceleration of a point on its rim. 4) What is the centripetal force needed to keep a 3.0 kg mass moving in a circle of radius 0.50 m at a speed of 8.0 m/s.

Math – (thanks to Thomas and Fiona)
5. An observation post along a shoreline is 225 meters above sea level. If the angle of depression from this post to a ship at sea is 22.5 degrees, how far is the ship from the shore?
6. Suppose that a kite string forms a 45 degree angle with the ground when 740 cm of string are out. What is the altitude of the kite? (Assume that the string forms a straight line)

Chemistry – materials for the experiment

Research – (Thanks Marvie) On a 1/4 sheet of paper, write the following in 4 columns: subject, grade, unit, weighted average. The units for each subject are (according to the correspondence notebook, except physics): Fil 1, Eng 1.5, Physics 2, Chem 1.2, Math 1.5, AP 1.0, TLE 1.5, MAPEH1.5, Values .3, Research 1.5

Filipino – resume (tagalog, short bond, typewritten), 2×2 pic, classified ad cut-out

English – (Thanks to Marvie) Cut out pictures showing ways on how to serve or care for others and mount them on a short bond paper forming a figure which is in line with service. Below it is a self-composed striking caption that will eventually move the reader to act.

Values – butterfly wings using long folder


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