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4 Responses to “Multiple Login sa YM.. chui.!”

  1. royce Says:

    sorry ivan.. pero, i strongly disagree about that method.. i discovered that your method of enabling multiple login can seriously damage your registry and will soon encounter a very SERIOUS problem.. trust me.. better have the old ways.. webmessenger and your usual yahoo messenger.. hehe.. just want to protect everyone’s pc.. ^^

  2. seniorsass Says:

    unsa na serious probLem??

  3. royce Says:

    sa registry.. bsta.. trust me

  4. jon Says:

    i’m using it for a long time and it didn’t gave me any problem. The only problem there is when you open Yahoo Messenger shortcut, it will open another YM program… Its ok to use it if u hav multiple accounts but make sure that “sign me in automatically” checkbox is unchecked, so that it will not log u out.

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