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How to print receipt (ATM) August 17, 2008

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1. Make another separate form for the receipt form.
2. Add the things you want to be included in your receipt (ex. atm title, time, date,)
3. Add labels where you will put your balance. (label1.caption=balance)
4. Dapat kuan… sa form load e butang ang label1.caption = balance.
5. Dont put any buttons kay ma apil na siya ug print.
6. Ang command sa print kay form1.printform.
7. Kamu na bahala unsaon na ninyu ug pa andar. Basta mao na na ang dapat ninyu mahibaw-an.
8. And lastly ang form1.printform kay sa atm na source code e butang.
prepared by: ivan 😀


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