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Physics: Problem Set 4 July 20, 2008

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  1. A cannon is fired with a muzzle velocity of 300 m/s at an angle 60°. What is its range?
  2. A bomb is dropped from an airplane traveling horizontally with a speed of 300 mi/h. If the airplane is 10000 ft above the ground, how far from the target must it be released? Neglect air friction.
  3. A car drives off a horizontal embankment in a field that is 3 m lower than the embankment. With what speed was the car traveling when it left the embankment?
  4. A baseball leaves the bat of Henry Aaron with a speed of 34 m/s at an angle 37° above the horizontal. The ball is 1.2 m off the ground when it leaves the bat. To be a home run, the ball must clear a fence that is 3.0 m high and 106 m ____ . a.) At what times after being hit will it reach the height of the fence? b.) How far from the batter will the ball be at these times? c.) Will Henry have a home run? Explain.