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Reminders for July 10 July 9, 2008

Filed under: Homeworks — seniorsass @ 9:50 pm

Physics – copy problem set 3 to bond paper, without design (yet)

Chemistry – group activity; quiz tomorrow

Math – at the back of the quiz notebook

  1. (cot2 y) (csc y) in terms of sin y
  2. sin2theta/tan2theta in terms of sin theta
  3. cos3 t/cos2 t in terms of cos t
  4. 1 – cos2 z/sec2 z in terms of sin z
  5. 1 – csc2 a/csc2 a in terms of cos a
  6. sin teta = 4/5 & cos teta > 0

MAPEH – exercises on the bond paper (due on Friday); buy the book from Ms. Acre before Friday

AP – read chapters 1-4 from the textbook

p.s. Thanks to Zandra and Sibi.


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