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Physics: Problem Set 3 July 9, 2008

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Answers available here.

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Problem Set


Free Fall

  1. A stone that is initially at rest is dropped from the top of a building. It falls for 5.0 s before hitting the ground. How tall is the building?
  2. At what velocity should a stone be thrown downward from a cliff 120 m high to reach the ground in 4.0 s?
  3. How high will a body rise that is projected vertically upward with a speed of 100 ft/s? How long will it take for the body to reach maximum height?
  4. How high an arrow will be 7s after being shot at 50 m/s?
  5. A balloon which is ascending at the rate of 12 m/s is 80 m above the ground when a stone is dropped. How long a time is required for the stone to reach the ground?
  6. A building is 50 m tall. A jealous lover wishes to drop a tomato from the top of the building onto the head of his girlfriend’s suitor. If the suitor walks at a speed 1.0 m/s, how many meters should the suitor be from the position below the tomato when it is dropped?
  7. A person in a hot air balloon that is 25.0 m above the ground and descending at 2.5 m/s drops a bag of ballast. How much does a 2.0 m tall crew member standing below the balloon have to jump out of the way of the falling ballast?

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