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Reminders for July 9 July 8, 2008

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English – test

TLE – test

MAPEH – buy the textbook (Php 307) from Ms. Acre

– PE Journal #2 (pg. 231): ‘How can the self-management skill questionnaire help in developing full awareness regarding fitness? Discuss your answer.’

Adv. Chem
– (not sure if pariha ba tanan sections ug given. Basta mao ni gihatag sa Newton):

  1. potassium nitrate + magnesium sulfate
  2. silver nitrate + potassium carbonate
  3. ammonium carbonate + cobalt (III) carbonate
  4. sodium phosphate + barium hydroxide
  5. barium nitrate + potassium hydroxide

Filipino – continue writing the poem (2 additional stanzas). 4 lines per stanza, 12 syllables per line, free rhyming.

p.s. Special thanks to Euka Beloria and Zandra Go. 🙂


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