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Reminders for July 7 July 5, 2008

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MAPEH – Write your BMI and at least 16 exercises on a short bond paper. Can be computerized.

Physics – problem set and test on Monday

TLE – test on Monday. See Sir Otero’s site for more info.

Adv. Chem – buy 50 lvs. lesson plan

-write on a 1/4 sheet: Check if it corresponds to the solubility rule and write its equation:

  1. sodium sulfate
  2. silver chloride
  3. iron (III) nitrate
  4. chromium (III) hydroxide
  5. barium chloride
  6. magnesium hydroxide
  7. chromium (III) carbonate
  8. potassium phosphate
  9. cadmium (II) carbonate
  10. copper (II) hydroxide

Math – (write at the back of quiz ntbk): cscxsecx = (cscx+secx)/(cscx+sinx)

AP – buy 2 notebooks (any size, not spring) and manila paper.

Cheerdancers – bring P.E. uniform.

Homeroom – sinking fund ninyo.

p.s. Thank you kaayo to Zandra Go for the above information. hehe.


2 Responses to “Reminders for July 7”

  1. ecyoR Says:

    naa namu’y answer sa chem? gitapul ko.. hehe

  2. vampy Says:

    sa makabasa… dili pwede spring sa AP.. and kailangan sad kuno ug manila paper.

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