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How to Extract a Song from Youtube (Or Other Sites) June 28, 2008

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Might help with our MAPEH project.


Step 1 – Downloading the video

  1. If you don’t have Firefox go get it here, and install it.
  2. Install the DownloadHelper extension – using Firefox go to the bottom of that page, and click Install now.
  3. After installing you need to restart Firefox to continue. After the restart you will have a new button on the toolbar, looking like a little person.
  4. Go to the YouTube page from which you want to download the video (in this case here). Note you can use this extension to download flv files from other video sites (like Google Video) too.
  5. The person on the toolbar icon will start to rotate. Click on the arrow beside it, and click on the first choice. The flash file containing the video will start to download. (click Ctrl+J to open the download window if it doesn’t open automatically)
  6. When the download is finished, right click on the downloaded file, and choose “Open Containing Folder”. There you should have the flash (flv) file. Copy it to the Desktop.

Step 2 – Extracting the music

  1. Download the AoA Audio Extractor 1.1 (it is free)
  2. Install it, and start it.
  3. Once the program starts, click the “Add Files” button, and choose the flv file you copied to the Desktop.
  4. Change some of the options if you want, choose where to export the mp3 file, and press the big orange Start button.
  5. If everything is OK, the extraction will start, and you will get mp3 file in the folder you chose.

One Response to “How to Extract a Song from Youtube (Or Other Sites)”

  1. bLi†zZa®d™ Says:

    I also have another alternative.. Download the song that you like.. (I downloaded mine on but you have to register if you want to try it..) You can download a song also by trying google and typing the song name with mp3.. (E.g. With You by Chris Brown mp3) or somthing like that..(Save it to your computer) Then download the software Goldwave at then after downloading, run it. Use Goldwave then open your song file from where did you saved it.. Use the tool “Reduce Vocals” at the right side of tools of Goldwave.. Listen to your music and if its ok, save it and you can burn it.. 😛 -Lucas

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