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Research II: guide questions June 24, 2008

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Request ni Fiona… Mae Villamor Ilano. ana siya pinakagwapa daw siya… showdown silang Gem.

Film: “An Inconvenient Truth”

  1. Explain the phenomenon of Global Warming (GW).
  2. What causes GW?
  3. Are you convinced of your answer in #2? Why or why not?
  4. What has research in the Climate Sciences contributed to mankind?
  5. Who was the first scientist to propose measuring CO^2 in the atmosphere?
  6. What are weather balloons?
  7. What are the effects of GW to the environment? Cite 5 examples.
  8. What was the hottest year on record?
  9. Why does GW cause flooding in some areas and severe drought in others?
  10. Why does the Arctic ice cap melt so quickly?
  11. What is the worldwide annual average temperature?
  12. According to scientists, what would happen if Greenland melts?
  13. Old Habits + Old Technology = Predictable Consequences
    Old Habits + New Technology = Dramatically Altered Consequences
    Explain what these equations mean.
  14. Which country contributes the most to air pollution?

2 Responses to “Research II: guide questions”

  1. elionae Says:

    g butang jd lageh aqng middle name..haha

  2. trxcute^^ Says:

    wa pa ni answer? harhar šŸ˜› joke lng. number 9!!!!

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