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Reminders for June 24 June 23, 2008

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AP – research on these topics for the panel discussion: Regulation of the oil industry (deregulation, and itsresults) , globalization (why do we have to participate! (e.g. use of the English language), 2 Child Policy (pros & cons), Privatization (corporations from national to private, the disadvantages to growth of country), and OFWs.

Physics – test about previous lessons (Vector addition & subtraction, component method, breaking up a vector into its components, and possibly unit vectors)

Math – test about the unit circle, trigonometric functions, graphing the trigonometric functions, identifying the domain, range, zeroes, asymptote, period and amplitude.

MAPEH – bring P.E. uniform (face towel, white shirt, any color jogging pants or shorts with cycling shorts underneath, rubber shoes)


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