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Others June 21, 2008

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MAPEH – costumes and props for presentation
– project: record own CD and design album cover. due: first week of july, but lyrics will be checked next week.

English – in 1/2 crosswise, write the part of the poem you like best and explain.
– prepare for presentation of 2-minute dialog with idioms

AP – research on the topics for the panel discussion

TLE – study topics listed in Sir’s blog

(Newton) – let parents sign Ms. G’s letter.

Math – group report

Adv. Chem – group activity

Reasearch II – start on IP

Fil – test


6 Responses to “Others”

  1. vampy Says:

    nindota ani ui! dako kaaug tabang sa senior life! thank you kaau! i hope mu.continue ni hantud maka.graduate na tanan! 😀

  2. seniorsass Says:

    Kung wa’y mu rebelde… hehehe.

  3. elionae Says:

    ka chui ani ui…it’s so helpful:)

  4. labz Says:

    ei, i apil og post katong drawing sa math garden… ty :D..

  5. janix Says:

    tnx au ani. weee. onlyn nga reminders/assignment/projects/tasks notebook. hahaha:) weee. continue ni haaaaah:)

  6. seniorsass Says:

    labz, unsa sa math garden ba?

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