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MAPEH Worksheet 1 June 21, 2008

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Due: June 23, 2008 (Mon morning – before, during, immediately after the first subject)

Medium: Notebook

  1. How the music industry affects community life?
  2. In your own point of view, how do pop, rock, jazz, folk, western and country music differ from each other?
  3. Which of the musical styles do you like best? Why?
  4. What do you think are the advantages of the violin over other stringed instruments?
  5. What makes broadway different from an opera?
  6. How is electronic music produced?
  7. How can one appreciate minimalist music? Do you believe it has hypnotic effect on the listener?
  8. How is the musical style of impressionism different from expressionism? And expressionism from neoclassicism?
  9. Which of the musical styles do you appreciate best? Why?
  10. Who are the revolutionary composers furing this period? Describe the musical style each of them used.

Answers available at UPDATED. check for new answers. password is sirbojos.


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